Our 50 years experience both as individuals as well as working as a team can train you to become proficient at finding your way around and in dealing with the type of conditions that you are likely to encounter in such environments. Our training is designed to build confidence and self-reliance.

Don’t need Training?

Then take advantage of our safety net service. We provide you with the confidence you may need to venture into the mountains by being an escort to individuals or groups by just being there to monitor your progress when you need that little bit of reassurance when uncertainty sets in.

A Safety Net

Being out full time in the mountains we have often had to come to the assistance of individuals or small groups who inadvertently find themselves in difficulties particularly in winter where snow and ice together with poor visibility present challenging conditions. After basic training, we encourage people to go out on the fells in these circumstances using their initiative but under supervision with our back-up through radio communications allowing them to develop their skills through experience.

Here to help

We can provide assistance to mountain rescue teams by means of search and communications backup. We will offer our services completely free of charge if and when called upon to attend an emergency. Whilst we always recommend calling Mountain Rescue first we can offer our experience and equipment in search and rescue situations.


In 2016 we completed a gruelling 28 miles CONISTON TO KESWICK MOUNTAIN MARATHON. Read about it here …

Where did it all begin?

The badge of achievement which I have still got. The inscription around the base says ” To strive, to serve and never to yield.” I still honour that today. This badge is now quite rare so I treasure it dearly. This photo was taken in the summer of 1968. I was nearly 20 years old and was sent to Ullswater outward bound school for a month by the company I worked for at the time. Outward bound schools then were all about character building rather than recreation as they are today. We were handpicked for intense training which outward bound told us was equivalent to 6 months army training. Not only did we have hard training every day from 4.30am till dusk but often during the night as Well! Our patrol was the only group to have won full points for everything in the history of outward bound and also the white warden’s badge as well. As you may notice in the text that we were also intensely trained in mountain rescue.